Artificial intelligence in online casinos: dream or reality?

Recently, there has been more and more talk about artificial intelligence. This is largely due to the emergence of tools like ChatGPT that promise to change the way people use the Internet.

While the technology is still very young, Bing, ChatGPT and Google Bard have received a lot of criticism, including for erratic behavior.

While the public considers artificial intelligence (AI) to be a “future” technology, in reality it has been around for a long time, and in unexpected places like online casinos.

Artificial intelligence as a tool for analyzing

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in analyzing data in online casinos. This is particularly useful for casinos, as developers and casinos can use machine learning technology to gather statistical data about game rounds.

This can be used for purposes such as determining which online slots are most appealing to players, or even finding out what features players like. This can later improve the gameplay and provide players with exclusive bonuses.

For example, artificial intelligence will show players new offers, promotions and games on the platform if they prefer a certain type of game.

Preventing deception

Online casinos attract cybercriminals because they offer tempting opportunities to get a piece of the money that is swirling around, whether it be hacking attempts or various types of fraud.

Thus, online casinos have innovative platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to detect and prevent fraud. For example, artificial intelligence can identify automated gambling bots or stolen credit cards.

Customer services

Online casinos sometimes employ chatbots for customer service, similar to what Bing will soon offer to its customers. These programs use artificial intelligence to understand users’ questions and give them the right answers or solutions.

This often saves time for both online agents and customers, and the program translates the conversation to a human to solve complex problems.

Artificial intelligence is the real thing

While people usually associate artificial intelligence with robots and super-intelligent programs found in simple everyday things like video games and televisions, it may seem like AI is the future.

Online casinos are perfect for analysis, as it’s hard to imagine applying artificial intelligence to simple things like improving customer service. In this case, we are not talking about automatically writing scientific papers or creating text-based images.

Although the use of AI is currently not as obvious compared to the new tools mentioned at the beginning of this article, it has become an important technology in many fields such as medical applications, route optimization, and smartphones.